Monday, September 1, 2008

Starting Over...

It feels like September 2007 for some reason... it's not even September. It's January right now. Oh my bad. It is September. The date on the bottom right corner of my screen still confuses me.

Last year at this time I was in Toronto. I had just returned home from my summer in Europe. All I had with me when I got back to Toronto was my backpack and day pack. I got out of Pearson and took the 192 rocket to the subway and got off at St. George. Walked to Robarts and went on MSN. Found someone online and asked if I could stay over that night. Elton was the one. After a couple days, I moved to Charles' home. After 4 days or a week, I still had no home and had to move again. This time it was Kelvin. He lived in Thorton Hill which is very far from Toronto but I still can remember biking in the suburb on the bike Chad gave me as a gift(later that bike was stolen and I had to buy another one which ironically I gave to him when I left Toronto).

Then I found 222 Beverley. :)

Some pics from last year. Don't live the past though.

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