Monday, August 11, 2008

Nude Olympians

I stumbled across a blog that had some cool, nude pictures of Olympians. I, like most people, never had the idea to look for it. I was searching for something even more crazy. I was searching for "olympics medal by language" because I wanted to see which language had the most medals. I was thinking to myself, China winning the medals table won't be enough. Chinese needs to beat other languages such as English and French. I was also wondering why India kinda sucks at the olympics even though they have a lot of people. They're not even in the top ten. And some how I ended up on a that site. It's pretty cool.

link to nude olympian pics

Rebecca Romero(Team GB)

Gregor Tait (Team GB)

It's a cool site. It had other pictures too such as this and that.

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