Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally Explanation for what I do at Tate

Here are some news articles about what I do at Tate. I can't believe how incredibly wrong some of these articles are. Some say runners are volunteers and most say we get paid £10. Some say we've been training for months. Hahaha. I guess now I know how reliable the media is.

I wonder what people will think of it. The only comments I've heard so far have been, "oh there he goes again." I don't know if people in the US will hear about this. This reminds me of The Gates in Central Park.

This project by my estimates costs about $141,000 - $158,000 USD which is really quite cheap for 4.5 months. I think they'll make much more than that from all the visitors this will attract. However, admission to the museum is free. Compare this to the $15.5 million waterfall art work recently put on in NYC. Of course admission to NYC is also free. But from the videos I've seen, the waterfalls don't look so good. Maybe it looks better live. I'll ask my cousin in NYC.

Anyways, a few links.

Official: Work 850

ITN: Sprinters muscle in on Tate (Video)

Runners sprint past Tate art work

Bloomberg: Sprinters Race Across Tate Britain in Creed Art Relay (Update1)

Martin Creed: running for the joy of life

Reuters: The Tate takes on gallery sprinters

Channel 4:
Art in motion at Tate Britain (Video)

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