Monday, April 28, 2008

Why can you run windows on macs but not Mac OS on PCs?

My next computer is going to be a Mac. One reasons is because (having tried a hackintosh for 3 months on my computer) I like Mac OS. Second I can simply use Windows on my Mac if I need to. There's no reason why I wouldn't buy a Mac if I can use Windows on it. The only issue before was compatibility. Now it is no more. So there's good reason why Apple shares are doing so well.

You might say well macs are 100% more expensive than a similar speced PC. But in this world we live in now, we always get what we want. Even if we can't afford it. Who can't get financing for $2000 these days? So essentially, there's not much reason to not buy a mac.

What I don't understand is why does Microsoft let Mac dual boot Windows operating system? Is it an anti-competition thing? I think it would slow down Apple's sales if MSFT didn't allow Macs to run Windows. I see no good reason to let Apple gain such a huge market share by allowing this. As a user, I am of course delighted, but I am just curious what Microsoft is thinking? At least make a PC that can load the Mac OS to level the playing field. 

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