Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Start Up Check Up

I've been away from Startups for a while, making this blog's title quite a misnomer, but if you take it as a metaphor, it's still a firm, ripe tomato on a vine. I did notice some significant and positive changes about some.

Scribd. It has ipaper and a better interface.
Netvibes. It has ginger and a personal universes that allow you to share your activities and see your followers.
Mint. More development and more money.
Social Travel Sites. I can't believe I read about Tripit and Groople in WSJ yesterday. A whole article about them. Then I read about Dopplr in Time. That was random. Is it me or is social travel starting to pick up? I am not even looking for them. If I wanted to, I would go on their press coverage sites. Good thing I know all of them (well the good ones). I felt smart, but also kinda dumb I wasn't able to put my knowledge to any use.

I am here in the computer lab listening to some very loud, harsh sounding language, Russian or German. I feel like I am in WWII listening to some female officer slamming her fists and shouting into a crappy telephony pack commanding logistics for a German attack.

Turns out the 15 minutes of shouting was at grandma. The logistics was to direct her to email a midterm paper left on the computer at home. Mission failed. Grandma can't find "w" button.

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