Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Working as a waiter @ London Fashion Week

Today was my first day working in London. I just signed up with a catering company last Thursday and today was my first day. It was quite easy work and was a lot like working on a movie set because most of the time, we just waited. I started at 10 and finished at 630. I hope they get the hours right.

This morning I biked there, which took 20 minutes. I had to wear a uniform and it was really cool. We did some moving of supplies and had lunch. It wasn't very good. Then we went to the Science Museum by cab which is where the show was held. Anyways, it was cool. Some how I have a propensity to end up near fashion shows, just like in Toronto. However, this time I didn't make any contacts. Interesting thing about London Fashion Week is there are a lot of Japanese people there. There were a lot more cameras than in Toronto. We served champagne, water, and orange juice. I learned how to open a bottle of champagne without popping it.

My teammates were really interesting too. No one was from London. I met a guy from Spain, a guy from France, a girl from Australia, and a girl from Russia. Then I fielded two calls for interviews. Next I biked past Piccadilly Circus, where there was a huge crowd because of a movie premiere of Rambo and Sivestor Stallone was there. I couldn't see him because the crowd was so thick, but I heard him. I was thinking of coming back to sell my phone charms (I bought a box of phone charms on ebay. 46 of them and am hoping to sell them for 2 pounds each around Leicester and Piccadilly while people wait for clubs and stuff) but I decided to stay home because I was tried. I hand washed 3 shirts instead. I wonder when Samantha will let me come over to do free laundry. Now I am here doing emails. I will apply for a few more jobs and do my marketing plan paper.

London Fashion Week.
Me working at the fashion show.
My phone charms which I will try to sell. A 35% scholarship is not enough to cover the high cost of living in London.

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