Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reconfigure US Keyboard to assign / add Pound Sterling Sign (£)

Since I moved to UK, I've had to type "£" a lot! But the thing is there's no £ key on my US keyboard, so what I do is go on google, search "pound sign", and copy and paste it. That's a lot of work. So I spent like 20 minutes, finding, and devising a way to make my life easier. In the nature of my blog, I will share what I think is useful.

I am writing this guide on "How to Configure US Keyboard to Produce £ Sign Easily"

1. Download autohotkey (a small free program)
2. Install

3. Go to my Documents. Right click->New -> Text Document -> name it "pound sign" and hit enter-> rename file extension to .ahk -> right click it-> choose Edit Script->on a new blank line, paste the following: "::lbs::£" -> Save and close-> double click the file you made.

Now whenever you type "lbs" it is automatically replaced by "£". If you really want the word lbs, just use control+Z and it'll go back to lbs. It is sooo much quicker.

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