Friday, November 2, 2007

Revisiting My Note Book

I was just browsing through my note book and here are some of the ideas I had from who knows when:

-A discount airline that didn't have seats. You just stand the whole time. Savings of up to 50 percent. No entertainment. We all got iPods. Or a Zune, so you can squirt off on the person next to you. Would you do it?

-A lounge that imported compressed forest air to the city. It would be released in the lounge and there'd be an entrance charge. How much would you pay to smell a sequoia or the sea?

-A coffee shop that had conference rooms, office equipment & supplies, and wifi. How productive would you be then?

-A "close door fast" button on elevators. How many times have I seen good people die because the elevator door didn't shut fast enough in movies. It's gonna save a lot of lives. Today I was on an elevator that didn't have a close door button. That makes me feel nervous standing there. What if some killer tries to come on, how do I defend myself?

-I think the shampoo Head and Shoulders should just be called Head. Seriously who uses it for their shoulders? What I'd like to know is who's shoulders are so hairy, they need to shampoo it? Plus I think it'd be a lot easier to market Head. I'm going to get some Head.

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