Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Complete disclosure... of Qtr. 3.5 Results

Job Search in California Qtr. 3.5 Results [updated 11.15.07]

Executive Summary

The main problem facing Taige Corp. is he doesn't get enough interviews. This is adverse in two main ways. First, he doesn't get enough practice. Second, it is a numbers game. His chief rival who chose not to experiment in Canada during Decision 2004 and opted to study at Berkeley is now in his final year in the BBA program and has received 50 interviews, almost one everyday. Taige has had roughly 8 in total since arrival on July of 2007. Interviews are far and sporadic in timing. This is a difficult time for stakeholders. However, the outlook is bright as he has never had so many interview requests.

It may be too soon to tell but there seems to be an emerging trend of more interviews. Analysts forecast interviews to grow by 200% over same period last month, from .5/wk to 1.5/wk. In addition, he has developed two key strategies to hedge against adverse results and reduce downside risk: He has started applying to graduate schools and he has secured one offer letter.

A deep commitment to our communities and to helping others remains at the core of his super ego. Despite the uneasy waters, Taige has maintained his robust involvement in the community. He has been volunteering at events such as Silicon Valley Web Builders and helping organizing a December mixer for University of Toronto Alumni Network in California.

In the midst of this growth and reorganization, stakeholders should not forget the goal. Taige Corp. seeks out challenges and thrives on them. His venture to expand into the US markets has been criticized by some on Bay Street as untimely (USD trading at .95 against CAD), premature (No experience, early graduation, degree holds no local reputation), and naive (assumed startups will accept smart business guys with little experience). Other investors applaud him for his desire to enter the highly competitive US market and bold strategy to establish a HQ network in California.

He remains committed to the expansion of his professional business and is delighted by his NPVGO. Although the exact expansion strategy has not been announced, stakeholders should remain confident in Taige and his Board of Advisors which include key management personnel from Mom Corp., Friends Corp., Professors Corp., MyTango, Atrium Capital, Reuters, and Levi Strauss. The years ahead is an exciting time for all of us. Taige Zhang, the CEO of the Taige Corp. , offers his sincere thanks to his Board of Advisors, management, all his employees (especially Left Ankle who did not take a leave of absence during the TWIST) , business partners, shareholders and his valued customers.

Taige has offices (places he can crash) in Toronto, San Diego, Los Angeles, Berkeley, NYC, Winnipeg, London, and Shanghai.

Qtr. 3.5 Results

Operational Review of Taige Corp., a subsidiary of the parent company Zhang Corp.

Start Ups Pitched:
Scribd. Deferred.
TripHub. Deferred.
Tripit. Deferred.

Upcoming Interviews:
Gymboree. Pending.
TD Ameritrade. Pending.
Citigroup. Pending.

Past Interview results:
Tiffany Full Time. Two rounds. Offered. Visa Pending.
MyTango Intern (Atrium Capital). Three rounds. Offered. Accepted. Finished.
Attack Marketing Intern. Two rounds. Offered.

Anian. Final round. First round.
Needham. First round.
Wells Fargo. First round.
Ni Advisors. First round.
Fisher Investments. First round.


Taige actually brought card for himself yesterday because as he was buying a birthday card for a good friend and saw one that he wished had received. The card says: "Into every life, a little rain must fall. Think of me as your umbrella! Hang in there." He reminds me of Mr. Bean at Christmas.

I conducted my audit in accordance with the standards of the Personal Company Accounting Oversight Board (United States).

The results above are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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Macky said...

as a shareholder myself, I determine to fire you by end of this quarter if you haven't find a job... so no x-mas bonus for your current level of performance!