Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aside: Halloween! Going to Party

October 31st. Wow, what a crazy day. I don't even know where to begin. My ears are still ringing.

So let's begin at the Amazon event. I went there met some people, ate, drank, very much like college events that bribe you with pizza and pop. And listened to some AWS presentation but I had two parties to attend that night so I left after 15 minutes of the presentation.

On the Subway. A bunch of Chinese guys speaking mandarin talking about black people in New York. It was hilarious because the guy was like a total comedian. He was going on about how he got on the wrong train once and woke up in the Bronx. He was so scared. Then some stuff he heard on the news about 15 year olds killing a restaurant owner. When asked why, the kids were like "well after we ate, we realized we didn't have any money, so we brainstormed. The best idea we had was to kill the guy so we didn't need to pay." There's a lot more. Two black guys around them didn't suspect nothing.

I go to the Fox party and have some fun. Free drinks but I was driving so it was water and water. Camera was out of battery after two pictures. But everyone's costumes were pretty amazing. I did some dancing, but it wasn't like college parties.

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