Monday, October 15, 2007

The Idea Contest

I just came across this bit of news and I am thinking of going. Who wants to join me?

Solve a problem - win a job, cash or stock.

May 29th, 2007 by adol77dai51

Taking place at the Swedish American Hall, Balder Hall, 2174 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, from 7pm to 10pm, October 18th 2007

For Businesses & Entrepreneurs:

Your tech business has a problem or needs an idea. You want an innovative solution, a fresh perspective from people outside your company. You are tired of consultantese. You want something new.
Enter Idea Contest 2.0. Pitch your problem at our new event to the brainstormers participating and enjoy access to the creative minds of the Bay Area even if they work in companies other than your own! Give an incentive for the potential winner (cash prize, a job or stock) sit back and get ready for some surprisingly interesting feedback or the solution you were looking for. Interested in participating? Contact me.
A good environment for all sorts of uses in addition to the one mentioned above: You’re looking for a creative employee? Pitch a problem that only an employee that deserves to work in your company would solve, and see who can step up to the challenge. You’re a recruiter? Select people by seeing them in action. Your startup is missing a developer? Ask a question only the developer you’d like on your team would be able to solve and see if he’s in the audience.

For Creative Thinkers:

Ideas are running amok in your head. You want an outlet, a problem, a challenge, and perhaps a job. Enter Idea Contest 2.0. In our next event you’ll hear companies pitching problems or needing ideas and this is your opportunity to seize the moment and show them what you got. Perhaps at the end of it you’ll find yourself with a new job, some stock or cash plus something to brag about to your enemies and rejoice with your friends. Are you up to the task? Sign up!

More details about the event will be made public as they become available.


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