Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to Join a Start Up? Rethink.

I had the idea to create a web2.0 site for travel organization with social networking functions. I know it's a lot better to join a start up than to create one from scratch. But strangely the several startups I've contacted have basically ignored me. I don't know how many thousands of people they get approached by trying to join, but I feel like they're more on guard than a hot single chick at club. I know my friend got a business development job after 700 business cards but he was willing to join anything. So far, I have two criteria: one is it's an idea I had or believe in (i.e. online doc sharing, travel org, suggestionbox) and it's not out of California (I did make one exception). I don't care too much about the team because I assume they are high quality to have the initiative to get it started and get funding. It's sort of like how girls assume guys are high quality because they have girlfriends.

Can someone explain how this process works? I am stuck.

Although I don't have the years of work experience, I don't know one start up that can't benefit from an avid team member devoted to the cause; especially if he's just out of college and a bit naive.

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