Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can't learn about Futures and Options at Berkeley?

When people ask me why I went to University of Toronto, one of the reasons I'll give is because of the classes offered. I wanted to attend a lecture on Futures and Options at Cal but turns out they don't even have a class on it.

This is a snippet of what UofT has (more here):
MGT 426H, Advanced Financial Accounting
MGT 427H, Analysis of Banking Financial Institutions and Instruments
MGT 430H, Fixed Income Securities
MGT 431H, Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
MGT 432H, Risk Management for Financial Managers
MGT 438H, Futures and Options Markets
MGT 439H, International Finance
MGT 452H, Advanced Marketing Management
MGT 453H, Marketing Research
MGT 455H, Consumer Behaviour
MGT 460H, Human Resource Management
MGT 461H, Managerial Negotiations
MGT 475H, Management Science
MGT 480H, Business in a Global Economy
MGT 481H, Organization Strategy
MGT 482H, Market Strategies
MGT 491H, Introduction to International Business
MGT 492H, Introduction to Strategic Management
MGT 493H, Small Business Management
MGT 494H, Technology Strategy
MGT 499H, Integrated Management Simulation

How can you beat that? You can't even come close. This is ALL of Haas undergrad classes (link):
Principles of Business
Business Communication
Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Finance
Introduction to Organizational Behavior
The Social, Political and Ethical Environment of Business
Game Theory for Negotiations
International Trade
Strategic Planning
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Advanced Financial Accounting
Federal Income Tax Accounting
Financial Information Analysis
Corporate Finance and Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Strategy
Management of Human Resources
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Brand Management and Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communication
Legal Aspects of Management
Introduction to Real Estate Finance
Strategic CSR and Consulting Projects
Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
Communication for Leaders
Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Other reasons why I choose UofT? Free money. Urban setting. Financial capital. Different country. Different culture. East Coast. Beautiful campus with 4 seasons. Film, Fashion, and Fine Arts.

Finally, I'm not trying to belittle the #3 undergrad business school in the US or boast about UofT classes, but I simply don't understand what I'm seeing. I'm confused why UCB has such a great reputation compared to UofT and I'm disappointed at UCB's classes.

However, I do plan to check out Investment Strategies (Monday 4-6 PM, C125 Cheit), Life as an Entrepreneur (Thursday 5-6PM, F295 Haas), and VC & PE (Wednesday 6-930PM, C230 Cheit). However, these are listed as MBA classes so I doubt the professor will let me audit. But failure is only lethal in war time. So.

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