Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To begin....

Let me introduce myself. I have been blogging since 2002 for no other purpose than to express myself. Since then, I have gone to college (expressed myself some more) and recently graduated. After graduation I moved back to Silicon Valley and started looking for a job. In about a month, I found one at a MyTango portofilo company of VC called Atrium Capital.

A majority of what I do is talking to people about how they can now order food online or using their cell phone and have it waiting for them to be picked up. Of course, I do get more interesting tasks, but being an intern really limits how my ideas are received. As I am there to learn from the veterans. And not so much act like peer even though I'm in the start up environment, which I fully respect because I'm so green.

However, I would like to be part of a team at a start up. Scribd is a web2.0 company that I'm very interested in joining because I had the idea for it back in January this year. It's much better to join a highly capable team than to start from scratch especially in a field I'm not an expert in.

Anyways, I've been doing a whole wagon load of research and reading on start ups, VCs, and technology on my own and thought it might be worthwhile to write everything down. I might as well make myself useful during this process. Maybe by writing this blog, it'll help others in my situation. And maybe I'll meet interesting people. Now that I don't have assignments to write, I need a way to keep my WPM up at 50. This will do.

Take away is. Business graduate interested in Web2.0 and technology. Just moved to Bay Area. Ready to express himself. With a purpose of educating those interested in Start Up. Dumb but ready to learn. As I think and research, I will update.

I think I should also make a prediction every blog. Today's prediction: Mr. West beats 50 cent.

This is me on my post graduation vacation. :]

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