Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aside: A Good Friend Feels Good

I just received a call from one of my best friends all the way from Canada. He's a very successful guy with money, education, and women. He's creative, quirky, and a bit crazy but in a fun way. He's one of the few friends that I have that has great ambitions for his life and for living. Most of all I like his originality and his loyalty. However, he is against me going to graduate school, which I am considering.

When he talks, he makes me feel lucky and grateful. He even says he's jealous of me, when it's really I who envies him. He reminds me that I'm living in the best place in the world, free from all obligations including tuition and relationships, done with school, only 21, and my life is full of opportunities here. That's what I miss about college and Toronto, people like him that surround me with support.

prediction: I will see in him less than 1 year.

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